What To Expect When You Are Attending!

TO: New Writers at Work Conference Attendees


Is this your first writers’ conference?  Or your first time attending Writers at Work?  You may have some questions, some of which may not even occur until you are at the conference. So here is some information that may give you answers in advance.

What will happen at the conference?

When you first arrive, you will register and check in, receive your materials, and relax until the conference begins. Feel free to come early, chat with other early registrants, read your materials, check into your room, ask questions, and get settled.

You will receive an agenda which will tell you what, where, and when events will occur. If workshops, meetings with agents/editors, and consultations are not fully scheduled yet, you will have an opportunity to sign up.  In addition, a sign-up sheet for the open readings will be available – sign up, and let us hear you read your work!

What is a Writers at Work “Workshop”?

Depending on the faculty member’s approach, a workshop can be one of several things.

The time may be spent, in part, reading and critiquing other attendee’s work, often submitted and shared in advance. Sometimes a manuscript-critiquing workshop demands time in the evenings to read and critique.

Or the workshop may be a lecture format. In-class exercises, readings, handout materials, individual work, and/or group discussions may accompany it. Sometimes a leader may give a homework assignment that you complete in the evening.

What should I bring?

In June, the weather will be warm during the day, but can turn chilly at night. So bring clothes for sunshine and rain and warm wraps for the evening. Don’t forget your hiking shoes – there are several wonderful hikes nearby, and early-risers often organize them among themselves.

Bring your computer or IPAD.  We try to make a printer available, but, to be safe, print before you come. Work written at the conference can be read off of the computer to the workshop participants or to the full conference in the scheduled readings.

Bring other amenities to make yourself comfortable, including snacks, your can’t-sleep-without-it pillow, and that rag-eared book of poems you love.

What do we eat and drink?

The on-site meals will be prepared by a local cater Le Croissant.

If I think of a question, can I call you?

If you have any further questions (and there’s no such thing as a silly one!), please feel free to call Jennifer Atwood at 801-996-3313 or email Jennifer@writersatwork.org. We are there to answer your questions and let you know how welcome you are.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Board of Directors

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