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six emerging writers

Where: Boulder Utah

What: A four day autumn retreat in Boulder at A.J.’s Boulder House for six writers. The target audience is writers who have not yet
published a full length book but who are serious writers *who may* have had
a short piece published in a literary journal.

When: October 4 through October 8, 2012

Cost: $150 donation to Writers @ Work
(you furnish transportation, motel, food, and your choice of beverages)


October 3--Participants arrive in Boulder afternoon or evening and check into lodging (list of motels to be provided).

October 4—breakfast (furnished by A.J.) at A.J.’s

8 am. Introductions, over view of the retreat, share writing projects, etc

10:30—1230 participants write

1230—1:30 Group Lunch to discuss writing challenges we’re having
(participants bring their own lunch stuff)

1:30-5:30 Write

5:30—Communal Dinner

7:00—read and critique work around a camp fire (adult beverages welcome )

October 5 and 6th—same as October 4th except we might take an evening drive into Long Canyon after dinner one of those days.

October 7th—breakfast at A.J.’s followed by an in-depth critique of everyone’s work. 1200—Lunch then clean up and good-byes!

Participants will send up to 20 pages of their project to A.J. no later than September 21, 2012. Please use 12 font, double spaced, and a header with your name, the name of the project, and page number.

A.J. Martine is author of “Mercy” and other stories, and blogs at



W@W re-Boot Camp

A Writing Workshop:  Collage Memoir

with Paisley Rekdal

Author of  Intimate: A Hybrid Memoir and The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee
and poetry: Animal Eye and  The Invention of the Kaleidoscope

Saturday October 13, 2012
9:00 am to 5 pm

University Guest House, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Registration fee $150

(Includes continental breakfast, lunch & social hour)

To Register Contact:   jennifer@writersatwork.org

The goal of the workshop is to inspire students to generate new work, as well as to look at their writing in a new–and even interdisciplinary–light.

Experienced teacher Paisley Rekdal will guide students in writing exercises and experiments with photographs to create collage text using a combination of traditional memoir/nonfiction and more experimental literary forms.

We will begin the day with a continental breakfast.

The first half of the day, students will be given a number of short writing exercises to generate new material, as well as be asked to work with photographs (those they choose to bring in and those the instructor will provide) to create collage texts that utilize both the techniques of traditional memoir/nonfiction and more experimental literary forms.

We will break for a long lunch to give students time to look over pieces to be worked over during the afternoon session, lunch will be provided.

The second half of the day will be dedicated to workshopping pieces that the students have brought in for review and comment.

We will end the day at 4 pm with readings of student work from the workshop and celebratory fruit and cheese social hour.

*Students should bring one piece (between 5-10 pages) they want to have workshopped, notebook paper, and two or three family photos.

**A collage essay or memoir is one that uses different genres or even different source  material, not only in the research but in the very construction or assemblage of the writing. A collage text might use photographs or drawings, newspaper clippings, fragments of poetry or fiction, multiple narrative perspectives, even charts, footnotes, school assignments or graphs inside of it, all in the service of telling your story.

Examples of collage texts include books like:
Dictee by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha,
A Postcard Memoir by Lawrence Sutin or
Coal Mountain Elementary by Mark Nowak.

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